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Product Description

Evening Primise Oil Cap

Evening Primrose Oil Epo Is Made From The Seeds Of The Flowers Of A Plant Native To North America The Plant Has Traditionally Been Used To Treat

  •     Bruises
  •     Hemorrhoids
  •     Digestive Problems
  •     Sore Throats

Its Healing Benefits May Be Due To Its GammaLinolenic Acid Gla Content Gla Is An Omega6 Fatty Acid Found In Plant Oils

Epo Is Generally Taken As A Supplement Or Applied Topically Read On To Learn How Epo May Help Treat Many Common Health Conditions Today

Ready To Give It A Try

1 It Can Help Clear Up Acne

The Gla In Epo Is Thought To Help Acne By Reducing Skin Inflammation And The Number Of Skin Cells That Cause Lesions It May Also Help The Skin Retain Moisture

According To A 2014 Studytrusted Sourcehow To Use Participants In The Cheilitis Study Received Six 450Milligram Mg Capsules Of Epo Three Times Daily For A Total Of Eight Weeks

2 It May Help Ease Eczema

Some Countries Other Than The United States Have Approved Epo To Treat Eczema An Inflammatory Skin Condition

According To An Older Study The Gla In Epo May Improve The SkinS Epidermis However A 2013 Systematic Review Concluded That Oral Epo DoesnT Improve Eczema And IsnT An Effective Treatment The Review DidnT Look At The Effectiveness Of Topical Epo For Eczema

How To Use In Studies One To Four Epo Capsules Were Taken Twice Daily For 12 Weeks To Use Topically You Can Apply 1 Milliliter Ml Of 20 Percent Epo To The Skin Twice Daily For Up To Four Months

3 It Can Help Improve Overall Skin Health

According To A 2005 Study Oral Supplementation Of Epo Helps Smooth Skin And Improve Its

  •     Elasticity
  •     Moisture
  •     Firmness
  •     Fatigue Resistance

Per The Study Gla Is Necessary For Ideal Skin Structure And Function Because The Skin CanT Produce Gla On Its Own Researchers Believe Taking GlaRich Epo Helps Keep Skin Healthy Overall

How To Use Take 500Mg Epo Capsules Three Times Daily For Up To 12 Weeks

4 It May Help Relieve Pms Symptoms

An Older Studytrusted Sourcetrusted Sourcetrusted Sourcehow To Use For Pms Take 6 To 12 Capsules 500 Mg To 6000 Mg One To Four Times Daily For Up To 10 Months Start With The Smallest Dose Possible And Increase As Needed To Relieve Symptoms

5 It Can Help Minimize Breast Pain

If You Experience Breast Pain So Severe During Your Period That It Interferes With Your Life Taking Epo May Help

According To A 2010 Study The Gla In Epo Is Thought To Reduce Inflammation And Help Inhibit Prostaglandins That Cause Cyclical Breast Pain The Study Found That Taking Daily Doses Of Epo Or Epo And Vitamin E For Six Months Decreased The Severity Of Cyclical Breast Pain

How To Use Take 1 To 3 Grams G Or 24 Ml Of Epo Daily For Six Months You Can Also Take 1200 Mg Of Vitamin E For 6 Months

6 It May Help Reduce Hot Flashes

Epo May Reduce The Severity Of Hot Flashes One Of The Most Uncomfortable Side Effects Of Menopause

According To A 2010 Literature Review ThereS Not Enough Evidence That OverTheCounter Remedies Such As Epo Help Hot Flashes

A Later Study However Came To A Different Conclusion The Study Found That Women Who Took 500 Mg Daily Of Epo For Six Weeks Experienced Less Frequent Less Severe And Shorter Hot Flashes

Women Also Had Improved Marks For Social Activity Relations With Others And Sexuality On A Questionnaire On How Hot Flashes Impact Daily Life

How To Use Take 500 Mg Of Epo Twice Daily For Six Weeks

7 It May Help Reduce High Blood Pressure

ThereS Conflicting Evidence About Whether Epo Lowers Blood Pressure More Research Is Needed

According To A 2013 Studytrusted Sourcetrusted Sourcehow To Use Take A Standard Dose Of 500 Mg Of Epo Twice Daily Under Your DoctorS Supervision DonT Take With Other Supplements Or Medications That May Lower Your Blood Pressure

8 It May Help Improve Heart Health

Heart Disease Kills More Than 600000 Peopletrusted Sourcetrusted Source On Rats Epo Is AntiInflammatory And Helps Reduce Blood Cholesterol Most People With Heart Disease Have Inflammation In The Body Although It HasnT Been Proven That Inflammation Causes Heart Disease

How To Use Under A DoctorS Supervision Take 10 To 30 Ml Of Epo For Four Months For Overall Heart Health Use With Caution If You Take Other Medications That Affect The Heart

9 It Can Help Reduce Nerve Pain

Peripheral Neuropathy Is A Common Side Effect Of Diabetes And Other Conditions Older Research Has Shown That Taking Linolenic Acid Helps Reduce Neuropathy Symptoms Such As

  •     Hot And Cold Sensitivity
  •     Numbness
  •     Tingling
  •     Weakness

How To Use Take Epo Capsules Containing 360 To 480 Mg Gla Daily For Up To One Year

10 It May Help Ease Bone Pain

Bone Pain Is Often Caused By Rheumatoid Arthritis A Chronic Inflammatory Disorder According To A 2011 Systematic Review The Gla In Epo Has The Potential To Reduce Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Without Causing Unwanted Side Effects

How To Use Take 560 To 6000 Mg Of Epo Daily For 3 To 12 Months

Side Effects And Risks

Epo Is Generally Considered Safe For Most People To Use Short Term The Safety Of LongTerm Use HasnT Been Determined

Keep In Mind Supplements Arent Monitored For Quality By The Food And Drug Administration When Choosing Epo Research The Supplement As Well As The Company Selling The Product

Side Effects Of Epo Are Usually Mild And May Include

  •     Upset Stomach
  •     Stomach Pain
  •     Headache
  •     Soft Stools

Taking The Least Amount Possible May Help Prevent Side Effects

In Rare Cases Epo May Cause An Allergic Reaction Some Symptoms Of Allergic Reaction Are

  •     Inflammation Of The Hands And Feet
  •     Rash
  •     Difficulty Breathing
  •     Wheezing

If You Take Blood Thinners Epo May Increase Bleeding Epo May Lower Blood Pressure So Dont Taket It If You Take Medications That Lower Blood Pressure Or Blood Thinners

Topical Epo Is Often Used To Help Prepare The Cervix For Delivery But According To The Mayo Clinic A Study Reported Taking Epo Orally Slowed Dilation And Was Associated With Longer Labor Theres Not Enough Research On Epo To Determine Its Safety For Use During Pregnancy Or Breastfeeding And Cant Be Recommended

The Bottom Line

Theres Evidence That Epo May Benefit Some Conditions On Its Own Or As A Complementary Therapy But More Research Is Needed Until The Verdict Is Clear Epo Shouldnt Be Used In Place Of A Treatment Plan Recommended By Your Doctor

Theres No Standardized Dosing For Epo Most Dosage Recommendations Are Based On Whats Been Used In Research Talk To Your Doctor To Weigh The Risks And Benefits Of Taking Epo And Get Advice About The Proper Dosage For You

To Reduce Your Risks For Side Effects Always Use The Lowest Dose Possible If You Begin Having Unusual Or Persistent Side Effects Discontinue Use And See Your Doctor

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